Phillips Industries strive to improve and adapt to the challenging changes in the market and we are constantly thinking up new creative things, after all:

Innovation is doing new things!

And this is the driving force behind our successful team at Phillips Industries.

Although Phillips Industries started in 1989, we are proud to say that with 37 years of combined experience we have become the forefront supplier to most Mining companies and the Government in our specific field. From fully customized, self-raising Harley Davidson trailers to 4 x 4 Fire Tenders that negotiate 32% inclines, we have been honoured to be contracted to build from the specialised to the extreme in robustness.

The innovation, reliability and expertise in Specialised Steelwork,  Structures and Coachbuilding comes with:

  • Proficiency
  • Excellence
  • Creative Solutions
  • High Quality Products
  • Dedicated and Committed Staff
  • Superior Workmanship

This is not our only focus, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectation and to offer a unique outstanding service. Although we are business driven, our customer’s needs and satisfaction is one of the priorities at Phillips Industries. Our products are not limited to our offerings, do keep it in mind. As specialised converters no job is to big

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